Week 15 – Separation

workfamily“Separate must they remain or my career will die” writes Og Mandino in Scroll IV. This particular passage struck me this week. I work from home and reading this, I realized that one big obstacle for me has been the blending of work and home.

When I am working, I am still at home and it is so very easy to get a few household chores done – just a few in between, you know… Likewise, it is so very easy to mentally leave the family and follow that great idea I just had…

Of course, this is a recipe for Continue reading “Week 15 – Separation”


Week 14 – Late

The Gassy Gnoll: Time in a Bottle Summary – Advice from the ...I hate being late. When I go on a trip, I get to the airport or station very early. When I go for a meeting I like to arrive early. When I go for an event I like to get there early. And I do mean very early.

And guess what, I am almost never late! So this attitude seems to be working, right??

Perhaps, but what I’ve learned Continue reading “Week 14 – Late”

Week 12 – Persistence

dontquitThis has been a difficult week. Lots of social activities, meeting people, dinner parties (hard life 😉 and very little time for anything else. Which is why this gets posted so late… If the past week is any indication of the holiday season to come then I’m in for a challenge.

But that’s fine, I welcome challenges! And I am grateful for this early warning because now I can make proper mental preparations Continue reading “Week 12 – Persistence”

Week 11 – Anger

Clipart - angry face“Why do you sound so angry?” That’s what my wife asked me the other night after listening to my reading aloud of Scroll III of The Greatest Salesman.

I was quite shocked for a moment. The scroll is about persistence, about pushing through obstacles, overcoming challenges, and keeping the goal in sight. “I will persist until I succeed” is the refrain of the chapter. I had been reading it Continue reading “Week 11 – Anger”

Week 10 – Line

Ocean Waves Clip Art TattooThis week’s exercise has caused me considerable frustration. Which is good – I welcome challenges! These past weeks I have been constructing some great positive mental images to use for my daily visualization of my new reality. I can see these things clearly. I can see myself and my family on the beach at sunset and I can feel the sand under my feet, hear the roar of the ocean, smell Continue reading “Week 10 – Line”