Week 20 – Teaching

Owl Clip Art For TeachersThis week (well, last week actually) I started teaching at a Business School here in Munich. It is always a very rewarding experience to teach. But the insight I had about teaching has nothing to do with formal teaching.

In addition to teaching, I also had a lot going on socially, and I find myself always wanting a deeper conversation than discussing people or events. As we know, great minds discuss ideas! Whenever I have the chance – and I always have the chance – I steer the conversation to deeper topics. And I have found that most people really want to talk about one thing: Happiness.

In all of those conversations with friends and acquaintances I have found myself trying to convey the essence of the MKMMA, trying to give people an idea of the philosophy of the Master Keys. And I have been doing that not by lecturing, but by asking questions and listening.

One of my favorite moments went like this: A friend complained about not feeling happy despite having achieved some major goals. I showed him one of my index cards where I have written “Harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things.” I gave him time to read it in silence, then asked him: What if that is true? A great conversation followed.

And this is not the only example. The point is this: I am starting to teach the concepts and the mindset I am learning, and by doing that I am not only spreading the love, I am also deepening my own understanding by driving it deeper and deeper into my own subconscious.

Truly a win-win for all!


7 thoughts on “Week 20 – Teaching

  1. I love this story and your approach to sharing what you’re learning with others.

    I imagine that conversation was awesome. And probably deepened your friendship, too!!!!

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  2. I’m referring to it often as well; sadly, it’s usually with my husband who has begun poking fun for his lack of understanding. So I just shower him with more love. I know one day he’ll join and have an MKMMA journey of his own.

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