Week 17A – Hero

Super Hero Clip Art Black And White | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart ...I am a hero. I am answering the call to greatness, the call to Mastery of my chosen profession. I am walking the path of the Sage.

The path is strewn with obstacles, but I don’t mind them, because they are great opportunities in disguise. For example, this week I once again have been sick, first a sprained ankle, then a severe lumbago. I can stand sitting at my computer for no more than 20-30 minutes, then I need to lie down.

But I have been using these times well!

The “idle” time I have used to think. In my mind I was designing what I would do once I got back to the computer, and once I got back I would do it. I would execute with excellence! And I reached some breakthrough insights that are going to make a dramatic impact on my trading.

And more importantly, this experience has given me a much more effective way of working. Which I think, is the most amazing thing I have received this week – from what looked like challenge, setback and obstacles!

Truly, this is the mark of a Hero!


One thought on “Week 17A – Hero

  1. I love the gifts that happen naturally when we are in FLOW. I like that phrase, “walking the page of the Sage”. An idea that feels resonant. Heal well, Thomas. 🙂

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