Week 17 – Permission

I'm sick! | clipart | PinterestIn the past, I have given myself permission to do a less “strict” version of the daily readings, index carding, etc. for a limited period of time. I did this over the holidays.

This past week I have been giving myself permission to be sick with the flu and just do whatever I felt like doing. And that has not been involving a whole lot of index cards! I don’t know; it’s just hard to say out loud with enthuuuusiasm “I promise to do 30 push-ups every day” when my whole body aches and pains just by the act of breathing…

And if you’re thinking “Well, there are people much worse off who still do blah blah blah”. Probably. Firstly, I don’t give a damn because this is about my experience. And secondly, why do you need to compare?

And if you were not inclined to think that way, then you’re probably making great progress on your mind in the MKE!

The week spend on being sick has not been wasted though! As Og says “[…] I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.” And the Master Key tells us that “Nothing may reach us, except what is necessary for our growth.”

I know this is true. Because I have decided that it is true for me.

Specifically, I am grateful for having been forced to take time to do nothing but think very simple thoughts. And in so doing, letting the Law of Relaxation do it’s work. I really needed that! It gave me back my proper focus, and I am ready now to take on the new world that opens up to me on every miraculous morning, today and henceforth.

And what’s even better, I give myself permission to be happy, now and always!


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Permission

  1. Hi Thomas, Trust your week off has found you in better health and also in a relaxed state of mind to dive into your life with gusto. I like your permission point of view. I often forget this useful tool to encourage myself to get things done. If you don’t mind I’m going to borrow your idea from now on when I feel stuck I’ll remember you and give myself oermission to …. fill in the blank.

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  2. I laughed when I read this. 🙂 I did the same the week I was sick. And like you, found that giving myself time to just be, and think, was also useful. It’s been few weeks since you wrote this. I’m sure you are well and feeling healthy again. Great day to you Thomas!!!

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