Week 16 – Plans

Retirement Income Visions: Retirement Asset PlanningSo several things came together this week. Little, subtle things. Some were triggered by the growing resistance I feel towards doing the things, reading the cards, talking to myself, flipping through cards, etc. And some were just little snippets picked up here and there. Seemingly incongruent pieces of a puzzle that suddenly came together.

In fact, the synthesis began last week where we had as our exercise for the sit to meditate on “insight”. The meaning of the word insight, as well as the fact that knowledge does not apply itself, that the value of the information is in the application. And we were instructed to “continue this line of thought until you gain sufficient insight to formulate a definite program for applying this principle to your own particular problem.” In other words, I am to continue – to persist – until I come up with a definite plan.

That insight (“find a plan”) reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Think and Grow Rich: “Organized plans, even though they may be weak and entirely impractical, encourage persistence.” So wrote Napoleon Hill. Aha! Maybe that’s what I’ve been missing? Maybe that’s what I should do; write down a definite plan even though it may still be weak, incomplete, confused and impractical? Because, really, those index card with a few statements on them does not constitute a plan… sorry Mark!

Estate Planning Attorney, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, San Diego, CAYet, those cards are of course the beginning of a plan, but I was letting the fact that they were weak & incomplete prevent me from the act of planning – which is where creativity unfolds.

Fast forward now to a whiteboard packed with ideas, diagrams and mindmapping. It was a fun and rewarding creative experience.

And I am as confused as ever! Until it hit me!

The ideas, diagrams, and mindmaps do not correspond with my detailed DMP!!! Major insight! Oh my… My first instinctive thought was to wipe out those parts on the whiteboard that was upsetting. But on closer inspection, I realized that those are the things I want. What needs to change is my DMP!

So here I am, about to embark on rewriting my DMP. I will get it done – in fact, superficially not much will change. But the parts of my DMP that before were a bit disjoined, a bit scattered, will now be integrated and synthesized to a whole.

And then I can make a plan. A better plan!


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